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We are Alen and Greggory. Creative Travelers is our lifestyle. We travel, we create art, and we photograph things we see and experience. Not everything, but those things that sometimes people don’t notice because their eyes are focused on something more colorful or places more often visited. We follow a more personal approach and like to go deeper to discover different places, people, and cultures.  Sometimes we look at something upside down just to see if it’s a better angle.


Our goal is to share as much art and photography as we can with people around the world.  In doing so we hope to break stigmas, pre-conceptions and shrink distances.  We love nature - the smells and sounds.  We love freedom, fire, storms, and life itself. Remoteness is something we really appreciate. Packing for the trip, jumping in the truck, getting on the plane. Ready to go, and see... and do.


Now we have a commitment. That commitment is to shoot and write about everything we feel is beautiful, interesting and necessary but we are also open to learning. That’s how we will grow and experience and how our mission will ultimately be accomplished.


As Creative Travelers we are constantly traveling around the world. We have a lot to see in order to have a lot to say. Right now we are grateful for this amazing opportunity called life and we are also passionate about the infinite possibilities ahead of us.


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We travel not to escape life - but for life not to escape us.
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